Recent graduate of the 2020/2021 Humanitas New Voices Program, Chris is a fearless, sex positive storyteller, whose winning script, BREAKWATER, is an intimate drama exploring the effects of sexual assault on a promising new relationship. While in the program, Chris completed his latest screenplay: a sci-fi horror film written under the mentorship of Vanessa Taylor (THE SHAPE OF WATER). Though he enjoys moving between genres, Chris explores consistent themes around the roles we play, and how we reconcile our flawed human condition with moral and social responsibility, while always striking a tone of hope.

Originally from the U.K., Chris holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Sheffield. He has been writing seriously since 2007, with scripts having also placed at Austin and in the Nicholl. Chris is a graduate of the 2019/2020 Creative Lab of Hawai‘i Screenwriters Immersive – a year-long fellowship through which he mentored under Jim Uhls (FIGHT CLUB). His freelance work has been published in Telluride Magazine, Halekulani Living, Palm, and Freesurf. Chris is fortunate enough to call Hawai‘i home, where he also manages a 25 year-old Mexican restaurant, filled with stories far crazier than any fiction.